Thursday, 27 October 2016

How to save any files in PDF Format

How to save any files in PDF Format  

How to save picture as a PDF Format?

Today  we learn how to chance picture to PDF by using Cute PDF Writer Software.
Can we do picture to PDF Format?


Definitely we can do.
First we go to the below mentioned website and download the below mentioned software.
Install your computer / Laptop.

Search box

CutePDF Writer

STEP 1. First open any picture.

STEP 2. Then click the print option (or) Ctrl+p.Now your screen will show the belown.

STEP 3. Now change your printer option and choose Pdf creator as a printer.

STEP 4. Now you can see the mini screen option and click the Save button

STEP 5. You can select which location you want to save the file and select Save. Now
your file saved successfully in PDF Format.


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